Dining Room Inspiration: 6 Vintage Dining Rooms To Die For!

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”

We all love and adore the vintage style. An icon in style, fashion, homes, nowadays we can’t spend a day without passing through a vintage store and falling in love with it. Since our home is our cosy retreat from the rush of the outdoors, why not make it truly our own? With fantastic tips to make your dining room shine, we bring you the 6 vintage dining rooms you’ll love forever and ever, we’re sure.

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Do the real antique revival. Make your dining room pop like no other by getting that adored mirror in your walls! A great way to bring some glam to your walls while adding that vintage touch to your dining room!

The vintage rustic charm is never too much, right? In this case, the hinged door combined with a unique set of furniture captures perfectly the look of a comfy farmhouse! Warm, creamy neutrals go hand in hand with the wood tones on the furniture and flooring.

We all love the vintage colour palette! Plenty of life, plenty of styles, the vintage style design bought the dinner corners a new and revamped life. So, why not make a version of it in your dining room? If you have natural light it will be better, but if you don’t, don’t panic! Just add a lovely chandelier and you’re set, all you need now is a comfy sofa, plenty of colours in your dining room design and voilá!

A man’s trash is another ones treasure right? This so applies to this vintage dining table! Purchase the right dining table and your dinner time will be the time you’ll be the happiest.

Pink all the way! A pink dining table just calls to be the centre of attention of your dining room! Combine it with the loveliest of the chandeliers and you’re all set! Giving the room that colourful and warm atmosphere, this is definitely the hue you’ll want.

A white dining room is a clean and crisp dining room. The subtle colour changes between white and gold of the dining room ensure that the space doesn’t look stale and boring. The center piece of this dining room? The low hanging chandelier that lets light stream in and from the patio doors.

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