Dining Room Rules: This Time Around We’re Going Industrial!

Yes, it is that time of the day, time for dining room rules!

An industrial dining room takes time. If you have the right setting, this might be easier but until then we might as well choose the right furniture and the right elements of the industrial style we might want to incorporate into our new and revamped dining room. So this time around in dining room rules we bring you all the tips and tricks for an industrial dining room of your own!

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A remarkable dining room style, the industrial style is one of the most wanted. If you want to start but don’t know why: an industrial style lighting design might be the first stop you want to take. Simple, you can go colourful or pure black and white, any seems fitting!

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Another iconic element of the industrial design style is the brick wall. If you don’t want to go overboard on this one, add a faux brick wall into your dining room design and you’ll have an instant feel to it!

A nice seating is a must have for this dining room style. While it might not have much colour, an industrial dining room asks for wood chairs. Go for the whiter tones or the darker one, either seems to be the choice.

The must-have of the season – a wood table. Be it dark wood or whiter wood, this will always be a symbol of this iconic style. Choose them rectangular, they will fit better with your dining room parties!

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A stool. To achieve the industrial dining room style, you absolutely need a dining room stool. To make it perfect pair them with different dining room seating and you’ll achieve the true industrial statement!



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