Elevate Your Dining Room Carnival Ideas W/ The Best Lighting Options

Original and Irreverent Lighting Options Will Be The Magical Carnival Ideas Powder To Upgrade Your Dining Room Decor!

The time for having a cocktail in your hand and confetti in your hair is finally here! Carnival might not be celebrated in all cultures, bur trust me, if you’re missing the chance to dress up as somebody else and play a completely different role, you’ll regret it!

Celebrate this magical holiday by throwing a smashing party, and to get in the Carnival spirit, let’s see what lighting options will enhance your carnival ideas!

If you’re not ready to have a blast, don’t bother joining us!


Release the Animals: Circus Party Carnival Theme

Oh the Circus! This familiar entertainment has been boosting children and adults’ fertile imagination for years, so it makes total sense, as we cherish the Carnival spirit, that we throw a Circus party!

You remember those lighting signs standing above the Circus Tent?  They’re the best way to recreate this magical atmosphere! Get some graphic letter neon lights and combine them until you get the word “Circus”!

Useful tip: You’ll find a complete letter graphic collection from DelightFULL at your disposal, but to really get in the spirit, ask your guest to dress up like Circus characters.

Footprints on the Moon: Universe inspired Carnival Theme

 The carnival spirit is all about releasing your inner child and allowing yourself to loosen up from your daily routine, so what about giving your guest a little celestial magic?

Your carnival ideas decor will only be complete with the proper lighting option to match the theme, so find yourself one that evokes the mysterious and unreachable idea of the Universe! 

Useful tip: DelighFULL’s Cosmo Suspension, as the name says, will tele transport you to another dimension, making you fell like you’re the first man to walk on the Moon!

Mid-Century modern Carnival Days 

There are tons of amazing carnival theme parties you can go for, but there are few that are as sophisticated as a mid-century modern inspired one!

Allow yourself to enter Marylin Monroe’s skin and enjoy her sex appeal for one night only, while you entertain your guest, who should be dressed accordingly!

Useful tip: Creating a mid-century modern decor might not be a piece of cake, so go with something you’re sure you’ll want to keep in a future. Like a lighting option, that’s both suitable for your carnival theme and for your regular dining room decor!

Hollywood Appeal Carnival Theme

Dazzle your guest with a super sophisticated carnival theme party inspired in the golden days of the Hollywood stars, back in the mid-century modern days! This might be one of the best Carnival ideas ever!

Useful tip:  Your dining room decor is in desperate need of that sparkling detail that makes the distinction between real Hollywood party and cheap copy! DelightFULL’s Stardust floor lighting option will blind your guests with its refinement and dazzling Hollywood worthy design!

If you’re more into the musical scene, them a carnival theme party inspired in the best and most acclaimed music stars of all, sound like your best idea ever!

You and your friends will have a blast dressing up like your favorite music legends, but to make sure you recreate the perfect atmosphere, what about a musical inspired statement lighting option?

Useful tip: All DelightFULL’s unique lighting designs are based on the best and most acclaimed music legends! If you simply adore Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner or even Frank Sinatra, find a lamp design that evokes their iconic characteristics and that’ll bring their soul into your home!


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