Grab a Chair: New York Design Tips From The Experts!

From The Experts… Comes the Change.

That New York is a statement we know of it. But a dining room inspired by New York design, that’s another statement. A new way of living perhaps. So, today we’re going to draw inspiration from American fashion designer Kasper’s New York apartment!

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With a dramatic dining room with a poster-size Edward Burtynsky print of decommissioned ships being reduced to scrap hangs next to an abstract Anselm Kiefer work. This will be the one you will draw inspiration from!




According to Manhattan-based interior designer Magdalena Keck, “Focus on form and material, and don’t go overboard with pattern,” – take this tip if you want that mix-matched look!

The same with the frames. With a general style, think about sleek and modern. Vary in colour and thickness and let yourself be inspired by incredible artwork!

“It has an old-school rep—crown moulding probably makes you think of dentils and curlicues—but there are so many other iterations to choose from. Here, the trim is completely unadorned other than a simple border, letting the artwork do all the talking.” claims, architectural digest.

A mid-century style is always a good option. In addition to belonging to a beautiful era, its a type of style that never really washes away. Perfect for any dining room setting, this type of lighting design is going to be the one you’ll certainly want.

Get The Look!

Cannonball light pendant is the perfect explosion of luxury. Inspired by the boldness of a cannonball, this pendant lamp came to reinvent what mid-century modern design is. With its unique shape, this exquisite lamp is handmade in brass and features a gold-plated finish, proof of some of the most high-quality craftsmanship in the lighting design world.

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