Home By the Sea With Stunning Dining Room Lighting

A House to Dream of with Lighting To Get Inspired By. Don’t Miss It!

A house decor says a lot about who lives in it. In this house by the sea, you’ll find scenic views, stunning decor and a relaxing aura you’ll feel right into it. Every part of the house has a charm to it but the dining room lighting is definitely what made us fall in love with it. See why! Just keep scrolling…


With a stunning sense of decor, the interior designer who created this project was definitely inspired. With a view to the sea and home interior decor that just appeals to a relaxing time, you can’t help but want to visit the place.

An open floor plan was the chosen design. A view of every part of the house gives a clean, simple vibe to the decor. The different spaces were separated by small, built in walls that create a sense of privacy.

The dining room design was such a delight to discover. Charming furniture, the stunning feature was the modern dining room lightingThe gold and black colours go so well together that the dining room decor turns romantic as you go into the night.

With easy access, all the space is easily seen. You can easily go into the living room and have a relaxing time with your friends as you watch the sunset.

The mesmerizing wooden floor is one of the special features of the house. Having a connection throughout the whole space, it goes well in every corner. The use of plants within offer a balance with the rest of the home.

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Dining Room Lighting