Review: How Ike Pendant Is The Dining Room Fixture You Should Buy Now

A Modern Take on a Classic Design

Coming from one of the most iconic eras of jazz music, Ike mid-century lighting design seems to be the one trending on the lighting design world and we needed to discuss how this might possibly be the one we should have as your next dining room fixture!

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With its inspiration on Ike Quebec, this mid-century lighting piece is the one to turn heads when you see it coming. With a design twist, this modern pendant lamp will make any modern home decor have the charisma it was missing.




With a foot in the mid-century lighting style and the other touching the incredible Scandinavian style, Ike presents singularities like no other. With a modern yet industrial touch, this modern lighting design can customizable in different shapes and dimensions which is truly unique! Given that its handmade by the finest of the artisans of Portugal, this pendant lighting design is the one to achieve the stars.

Allowing you no less than a different finish and size, this mid-century design can have its shade colour can be customizable! Because with a different colour and finish everything can be quite different don’t you think?

Handmade in brass and aluminium, the glossy black finish and the copper accent deliver the perfect look. Due to its sleek shape and minimalist design, this is the one to fit all tastes and sizes.

Now, onto the technical part of it all:

Height: 10.2″|26 cm and weight : approx. 700 g | 1.7 lbs with a diameter: 2″|5 cm. The cord height: 39.4″ | 100 cm – that can be customizable on the purchase.

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