Rock This Mother’s Day With This DIY Mother’s Day Gifts!

You’re about to rock this mother’s day!

This mother’s day you’re about to bring alive some of the most precious things your mother will forever remember. Because the best gifts are the ones you make with love, we bring you the DIY Mother’s Day gifts for a perfect addition to your dining room and to sweeten this upcoming mother’s day!

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Provide a little colour to your home front and combine crafts with some quality time with mom by getting those old strainers and transforming them into colander plants! From bright colours to serene, calm hues, you can paint them however and creatively you want!


Mason jars are one of the trends in the DIY world ain’t we right? So, why not combine it with some decorative accents to your dining room decor? That’s right. Pick the size, the colours and the time and get the dining room vase you’ll always want. The perfect combo: something you’re mother will always remember you by seeing it every day and some good quality time.

If you want something simple and cute, then this is the dining room centrepiece you’ll want this as your DIY: A glass vase centrepiece. Place some recycled glass soda vases in a pine or white wood frame and get those fresh flowers and … voilá! The perfect centrepiece.

Once again, flowers. Get some tin cans and 10 minutes of your time to make a simple yet, elegant and charming mother’s day gift. According to countryliving, you can have some elegant containers made of painted tin cans with minimal effort! Just decorate the tin with washi tapes and some free printables that will add that extra special touch you Mom will love.

Time for a bit of relaxation. So, why not make your Mom something sweet such as a Homemade Lavender Bath Milk?  While the powders mil moisturizes the skin the lavender gives the room that relaxing scent creating a one of a kind experience. Get the tutorial at My Frugal Adventures.

Get your imagination going and grab those egg cartons. What will this make? A beautiful way of making this stunning dining room table lamp. So, come on! Go get the tutorial here!

Any respectful home has a growing wine cellar. Why not make the most of it and get that corks a new life? Grab a vase at any store and this craft will cost you basic to nothing. Bonus point? Get the bottle of wine as well!

Want to bring some art into your home and don’t know how? This is your time then. If you and your mother are into art, then this string wall art is the one set for a good time with your Mom. Go follow Amanda and their super easy DIY!

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