The Bridge Home: One House, Two Dining Room Designs

Hao Design has created a unique house design in Tainan City that features the most dazzling dining room lighting designs.

Today we are going to talk about the most multifaceted single home ever. The Wang family has requested Hao Design to combine two apartments connected by a bridge. This means that this interior design project features two dining room designs. If you’re interested in getting to know this highly impressive home, keep scrolling and fall in love.

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One of the most distinctive features is probably the fact that there is not just a single dining room or family living room, but instead, spaces for the family to gather, sit and eat together through the five floors of the home.

Splashes of turquoise and teal blue bring a seaside atmosphere. We love every single detail of this dining room decor, starting with the wall of wood cabinets and the Scandinavian chandelier. 

The word that best describes this dining room set is “beachy” since it is completely filled with natural textures and colors such as light-toned wood and white walls with white brick accents.

Editor’s Choice

Inspired by the first person to walk on the Moon, Armstrong arc floor lamp has a minimalistic style with a clear usability, perfect for every single modern Scandinavian dining room or office. This Nordic light combines a mid-century design with a structure handmade in brass and a base in white Carrara marble. The oval aluminum lamp shade is softened with a matte white finish. Armstrong arc lamp can reach a height of 59.1 inches with the help of the adjustable balance arm. With a counterweight made of steel, this mid-century lamp directs light anywhere a task light is needed, providing an exquisite touch to your interior design.

Another distinctive touch in the home’s layout is that it is the open plan between the dining room on the second floor and the library via windows in both those rooms that open up across the covered bridge.

The retro-style, wood-sided bridge is what most characterizes the home and we love it! The destination of this bridge is a beautiful garden filled with African tribal masks and collectibles.

The second dining room decor features an industrial style chandelier that will catch everyone’s attention.

Editor’s Choice

Ella round chandelier is a unique ceiling fixture which brings back the clean and sophisticated feel of the mid-century modern era lived in the 1960’s Palm Springs. With a body 100% handmade in brass and its lampshades made of aluminum, this lighting design was reinvented using today’s technical skills paired with the traditional craftsmanship and know-how of some of the best Portuguese artisans. The body has a nickel plated finish, while the lampshades are lacquered a glossy black for a sleeker look. It is available both in the 6 or 15 arms versions. An iconic mid-century modern chandelier, perfect for a contemporary living room or dining area.

With exposed brick walls and cork, this industrial dining room has a more welcoming and personalized feeling. The mid-century furniture gives the ultimate touch.

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