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The Key To A Vintage Dining Room: Lighting Design Pieces

Best Vintage Ideas For Your Dining Room Lighting! Let’s find out what we’ve reserved for you!

Today we’re going to talk about vintage ideas for you to have a Vintage Dining Room! Ready for them?


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The key to a vintage dining room is vintage details right? Here it is our first example, with table and chairs made of wood. However we need to talk about the important detail of this image, which is the board, the old one we’ve had in school. What a great idea to have there, where you can right all your meals, or your shopping list.



The Key To A Vintage Dining Room_ Lighting Design Pieces (3)

Our articles, or most of them must have DelightFULL’s best pieces and Diana Suspension Lamp is included as one of the best. Vintage lighting pieces, should be with vintage dining room which is the case. Diana is built out of brass has a standard black nickel plated finish, while the shade features a standard matte red lacquer on the outside. It can be customized and you can choose the colour you want for your Diana.

The Key To A Vintage Dining Room_ Lighting Design Pieces (4)

Wood is always the choice for a vintage dining roomthe brown colour can remind us of the old. Here you can see that the choosen detail was a big wall clock with roman numbers. In our opinion this is such a good idea for your dining room!

The Key To A Vintage Dining Room_ Lighting Design Pieces (5)

Hanna Ceiling Lamp is such a good option for your dining room because of it’s lighting, it’s forms and it’s presence. It’s lampshade can be adjusted to direct lighting over a wide-reaching area. With a gold plated and a matte white finish (inside and outside), each light has a bell-shaped shade fashioned from aluminum.



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Impossible not to talk about our Coltrane Suspension Lamp which is part of the great Coltrane Family which we are celebrating this week. He is one of a kind and top bestseller at DelightFULL. Handmade in steel. It features a steel cord and a magnetic disc at the top, while down below the canopy is built out of stainless steel, with a gold-plated finish.

This is our last Vintage Dining Room idea for you, hope you had liked it!


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