The Mid-Century Restaurant That Will Make You Revamp Now

A mid-century project with – love.

A mid-century restaurant that will make you want to renovate your own home is here! All the key elements that enrich and make the mid-century style the hit wonder of the moment are certainly here! Grab your notepad, you’re in for a ride.

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This mid-century restaurant is located in no more than the amazing city of Vancouver. With a nostalgic feeling, the restaurant brings back the exotic aura of the Mexican resort, town, it evokes all the emotion you’re needing to have the perfect dining time!

Serving California tones, the amazing setting of this mid-century modern restaurant is here to make it a special note in your dining time. The peaceful colour tones make the room cosy without being too familiar while the rest of the setting will certainly create amazing memories.

According to Dezeen, “the eatery’s decor on the colourful and lavish style of resort towns that flourished in Mexico during the mid-20th century.” Drawing references from the old Mexican beach resorts, this is a clear indication of richness.

The designer claims that, “The materials and finishes reference the rustic glamour of a mid-century Mexican resort town such as Acapulco, which in the 1940s and 50s became a fashionable place for Hollywood elites to vacation and dine,”.

With a variety of seats, this mid-century modern dining set will make your dining room time one of the most marvellous times of the day! With a unique time on your hands, this might be the next choice when you gather sometime in Canada!

“Plenty of natural light is provided inside the restaurant by sliding glass doors that open to the outside, as well as the long skylight.” With a golden ceiling light with a spiky frame, the designer Sukkau describes the lighting fixture as a “single sunburst”.


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