The Ultimate Dining Room Centerpiece Light for Your Modern Home!

MEJD Studio transforms slicing objects into the perfect contemporary lighting designs for your dining room decor.

Today we are going to show you the ultimate dining room centerpiece lights for your modern home decor created by Bratislava-based MEJD Studio. The studio conceived a pendant lamp and a table lamp that both seem to have been sliced in half. Curious? Let’s keep scrolling!

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Both lighting designs in the Loading Collection function as two halves of a recognizable shape. The first one ‘Jars’ features a bowl that together resembles a water jug, while the second ‘Exhibit’ comprises two halves of a brass globe. But let’s get inspired by the perfect pieces that will elevate your modern dining room:

‘Jars are ceiling lights & bowls which take the morphology from one of the most known shapes typical for ceramics. By „cutting“ the bottom part there appears an inner space where the light is placed. ‘ 

This dining room lighting design has a unique shape that will certainly impress every single person that will walk into the room. You can also customize your product design with different colors of ceramics glazes inside of your choosing in order to create a more personalized and refined atmosphere.

Brass lights & bowls as an artifact embedded inside of bar frame refer to the principle of museum exposed ancient artifacts in bounded glass cube or block. Brass spun half spheres are welded together with the bounding frame The upper half serves as shade of the light while the bottom one can be used as bowl.’

With a minimalist form and a polished brass surface referring to the birth of the great Bauhaus, this product is completely versatile since the upper half serves as the shade of the light and the bottom one can be used as a bowl. We believe that this is the statement centerpiece you have been searching for your dining room table decor!

Photos © MEJD Design

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