Tina Turner Incorporates 4 Different Lighting Designs

That’s right, we found the perfect lamps for you! Wait, no! Our mistake! We found 4 Tina Turners for you!

You weren’t expecting this, were you? We are here today to share with you, your new favourite lighting designs. Whether it’s a suspension, table, floor, or wall lamps, Turner has it all! Get ready to fall in love and introduce Turner to your home decor.


Turner Suspension Lamp

We present you the Turner Suspension Lamp, inspired by the astonishing and memorable dance moves of the iconic pop singer, DelightFULL’s design team created the Turner family. Turner pendant lamp is an art deco lighting fixtures handmade in brass and aluminium that boasts all the most special elements of this design movement.

This is the kind of lamp that would look perfect in a modern house designespecially in the dining room right above the dining table. Turner hanging light is a versatile piece, that can be used in almost any room of your house. However, it looks its best when used as an alternative bedside lamp, or when placed in an art deco inspired dining room, as we previously told you. There are only a few things more important than a good dining room lighting, so make sure you create the perfect light effect.

Turner Floor Lamp

The thing these lamps have in common is the inspiration: all inspired by Tina Turner. This mid-century floor lamp has five large arcs made of brass and a semi-spherical top cover of aluminium lacquered in glossy white or any other RAL color of your choosing.


Turner floor lampis perfect for anyone looking for a practical lighting design with a cutting-edge design. All in all, this modern corner lamp allows you to create your favorite composition at any time, elevating your mid-century modern decor.

Turner Table Lamp

This lamp is smaller but still, amazing. Turner table lamp gives a sense of fun and allows you to create the best composition to fit your modern home decor.

A versatile piece, that can be used in almost any room of your house, this brass desk lamp looks its best when placed in a modern home office or art deco inspired living/dining room.

Turner Wall Lamp

Turner wall lamp is the perfect vintage addition to the Heritage Collection of DelightFULL. Turner modern wall light features a small lampshade made of aluminium lacquered a matte white.

Its structure is elegant and sophisticated giving a special touch to this unique wall sconce lighting. This art deco wall lamp suits flawlessly above a mid-century modern sideboard in your dining room or as an entrance lighting.


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