What’s Hot On Pinterest: Black Lighting Accents Are Back!

The Hottest Pins of The Week!

This week trending picks from one of our most beloved platforms in all about black lighting accents that are making themselves known once again. Get around, gather your notepad and check these incredible pins that are fire on Pinterest this week!

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Black always suits any dining room layout. With that in mind, you need to take into account that this is classic colour when you want to choose a neutral colour palette to your dining room decor.

Usually, industrial style lighting fits the best when it comes to gathering black and the aura of excellence along with a stylish look into any home decor. With plenty to choose from, black seems to fit best into the simplest and most minimalist dining rooms.

Industrial style lighting is always a safe choice. Although the exterior shade can be black as the night the interior shade can always have a splash of white to complete the look and let the light you choose from having a better range.

Vintage chandeliers can be revamped as well, in this particular case, a vintage chandelier was used to optimise this open floor plan. With a unique lighting design, this choice seems to fit perfectly for the most adventurous.

Pendant lighting seems to be the one winning this week! With a particular focus, this type of lighting design always creates a more singular and cosier look into any room it’s in.

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