What’s Hot On Pinterest: Pantone Dining Rooms!

Pantone Is The Way To Go.

This weeks dining room ideas are going to turn your home into a romantic oasis. A romantic dining room decor is something we long to have from time to time but sometimes colours and styles don’t always combine. Now, we’re taking a step further. These Pantone Dining Rooms will have you get that romantic evening along with your significant other like you’ve never had before.

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Mint Fresh

Mint, as one of the colours of the season, is here to make your dining room decor ideas get that serene and calm look like you’ve never had before. A summer dining room colour that will make your home ready for those long, warm summer days.

Mellow Rose

One of the centric colours of the summer season is here to make you aware of how this romantic colours can get you in the right mood. A spoken colour of romance and that easy summer vibe, mellow rose will be the hit one when you decide to paint your room.

Russet Orange

A wild bet of this year’s colour forecast, russet orange will be the one you’ll want for your dining room decor ideas for two reasons: Malibu and that fresh scent of summer. The wildcard to put on a dining room.

Pink Lavender

This year’s Pantone colour institute is going to blow your mind with is calm and serene tones. Pink lavender is the perfect example of how such a calm and charming touch will bring your dining room a sense of smoothness. Combine it with an industrial pendant lamp and you’ll have the best effect.

Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomato on your dining room decor is just the right detail you’ve been missing in your home interior renovation. Plenty of life, plenty of passion, plenty of colour to adorn your dining room on this summer season!

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