What’s Hot on Pinterest: Pastel Colors & Unique Dining Room Lamps

If you want to bring some romance into your home, you should start with adding some bright and pastel colors to your dining room.

Today we are going to show you 5 dining room sets that feature unique dining room lamps and pastel colors: one of our favorite combinations of all time! Just like us, our Pinterest followers love pastel colors since they make any room newer, with a fresher look and make it even more romantic.

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The marble tulip table paired with new white and gold chairs is perfect! The black furniture balance the space to not be too, too feminine. Clearly, the running theme here is blush pink, white, greenery, and gold.

We are so in love with this green dining room pendant lamp! Mixed with the pastel pink vintage dining plates, your guest will never want to leave this place. All in all, it represents everything that is soft and romantic, with bits of simplicity and charm.


How do you bring blue serenity and rose quartz into your interior decor scheme? This dining room design does it in a beautiful calming way. These two colors intend to create a soothing, tranquil environment, and that’s why we love pastel decorations!

We are obsessed with this DIY bead chandelier! This dazzling dining room chandelier could easily pass for an original.

Tom Dixon copper lamps make a statement in every single place. These two mixed with the rose quartz dining chairs, provide a personalized and refined atmosphere.

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