Why You Need To Visit Oporto & Luxury Design and Craftmanship Summit

This June, the place you’ll set to be in is… Oporto.

As you already know, the Luxury Design and Craftmanship Summit is going to be the top event of the month! So, besides that, today we’re giving you all the good reasons to visit this amazing city after this incredible summit.

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The event that will bring the luxury world together is the LD&C 2018 Summit. Bringing together some of the most creative minds in the luxury design world, makers, designers and brands will take place at this amazing event in June.

If you can’t recall the dates, here they are  – 20th to 21st of June. The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit will be the one to gather some of the most creatives minds in Portugal. Such as the Michaelangelo Foundation, Luis Buchinho, the Storytailors or Boca do Lobo. 

Apart from this outstanding event, you’ll have plenty of the city to explore!

Clerigos Tower, the Historic Downtown Area, the famous Lello Bookstore, the iconic Sao Bento Train Station, the world-class  Riverside Area, the incredible Beach Areas and the unique Port Wine Cellars.

Not less amazing you’ll have to step into Virtudes Gardens, the Square of Lions or the Chrystal Palace Gardens and if you enjoy the nightlife, then you can’t miss a night out at the Galerias de Paris in Downtown Oporto!

Around this time of the year, there’s an amazing experience you can’t wait to have. We’re talking about São Joao Party of course. A tradition regional party that honours the patron saint of Porto – São João. Celebrating in a unique way, there will be fireworks during the  24th of June!

You can buy your Tickets Now in HERE.

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