Dining Room Lighting That Saves You From a Disastrous Waiting!

RIGI Design conceived an unusual waiting area for a dental clinic in China.

Waiting for taking a tooth out never seemed so easy thanks to this outstanding waiting area that was created to be like a dining room. RIGI Design has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this dental clinic by placing dining room lighting designs, a rectangular dining table and some chairs in the waiting room.

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Filled with informal furnishing, pastel colors and geometric forms, the surgery has been able to create a comfortable environment for every single person that comes here, including the kids that have their own play area.

“Waiting chairs in traditional hospitals are arranged in a parallel way,” said the studio. “However, it is this sense of order that enhances the unease of patients.”

The main goal was to make the space feel more like a home, where everyone can communicate with each other or wait quietly by sitting face to face.

Kids also play an important role in this clinic, since they have their own area with a chalkboard wall and animal-shaped furniture. “Caring for kids is caring for adults,” said RIGI Design. “A clinic which cares for kids would, to some degree, present a sense of caring and responsibility.”

The dining table and play area are both situated beside the reception desk, which sits just inside the entrance. Planter boxes lead from outside to the foot of the desk.

Editor’s Choice

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Photo © RIGI Design

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