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Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting Tips

“In a dining room, chandeliers are the jewelry of the space. They should make a statement and are a wonderful way to create an interesting juxtaposition.” — Steve McKenzie, interior designer

Dinnertime is precious time ain’t we right? Whether we’re having a family dinner or just having a loving time with family, dinner can be ruined if you don’t find yourself with the right lighting. So, in order to make your dining time, the prime time of your day, we bring you the dining room lighting tips to never have to worry about this anymore!

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1 . Lantern.

Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting Tips 1 dining room lighting tips dining room lighting tips

With a strong sense of history, an elegant lantern in wrough iron or brass lends thar special touch of carriage-house chic to your dining room decor. Happily playing that luxurious touch that your modern home decor was asking for. Casting a kaleidoscope of rays thorught their bars and decorative flourishes, if you have a long table, just between us, you should use two.

2. Stardust.

Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting Tips 2

Just like it says os the tin, a celestial touch of the stars never hurt anyone right? With 2018 going strong we thought you could use some of that needed touch of the above, so why not place our bets on star related lighting designs? Sending beams of light in every direction, the cosy and ambitious atmosphere this type of light creates goes right along with smaller tables, be it a rectangular or round one.

Steal The Look!

Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting Tips 3


Cannonball light pendant is the perfect explosion of luxury. Inspired by the boldness of a cannonball, this pendant lamp came to reinvent what mid-century modern design is. With its unique shape, this exquisite lamp is handmade in brass and features a gold-plated finish, proof of some of the most high-quality craftsmanship in the lighting design world. Cannonball is a modern brass pendant lamp which will give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your mid-century modern dining room.

3. Modern.

Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting Tips 5

The days of free form chandeliers are here to stay. As seen in Light & Building 2018, while the classic touch of a chandelier will be appreciated, the free forms are welcome as well. Irregular shapes that defy the categorization, if you choose one of these, it’s really a matter of taste and what fits your dining room design better.

4. Crystal.

Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting Tips 4

Speaking of chandeliers, crystals are something to take into account when you think about a classic dining room. With a dramatic accent, sultry and captivating lights make any dining room have that luxurious touch you want. “Instead of a single color, light is refracted into a prism of hues that not only bathe diners and table in their twinkle but shine onto the walls and ceiling as well.”, claims, onekingslane.

5. Drum.

Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting Tips 6

No, we’re not talking about the instrument although we could. Called the drum because they’re enclosed rounds, these bring a more modern and sleek style to your dining room. With a see-through shades, they direct most of their light downward and upward providing a beautiful illumination.

6. Playful.

Dinnertime Just Got 10 Times Better: Dining Room Lighting TipsWhy have a dining room if you can’t play with it? That’s what this last piece must is the one to be remembered. Choose the lighting design you want just because it looks pretty. Delighting the eye and making you smile is important. As long as it casts enough light into your dining room, you’re safe!

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