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Going Full Black W/ This Dining Room Design Lamps

Mirror The Golden Globes Stars And Address To Your Dining Room Design Some Full Black Lamps!

This year’s Golden Globe female attendees decided put up a full black classy show, and they kind of rocked it! New Year, New You, New Home, and you promised you’d make your dining room layout a pleasant place to be!

Trendiest advice ever: Go Full black on your dining room design lighting and you’ll be pouring sophistication down your guest’s head!


Let’s start light, shall we? We’re aiming for a super sophisticated dining room interior design, one able to leave your friends speechless, but we don’t want to scare you in the first attempt, so what about starting with a mid century suspension lamp, with some details in white?

Peggy Retro Suspension Lamp from DelightFULL’s has a handmade structure in brass and wood, featuring a top cover in perforated steel, and a unique nickel plated and matte white finish detail! This will look divine in your new dining room layout!

Going Full Black W/ This Dining Room Design Lamps

Going Full Black W/ This Dining Room Design Lamps

Now that your familiarized with there perks of having a black dining room lighting design your home, I believe you’re ready for phase 2! It’s time to add a little sparkle and perhaps some glow to your home design, ready?

This is a task for Ike Modern Suspension Lamp, a lighting design handmade in brass and aluminum, featuring a glossy black and gold plated finish, that creates the perfect relationship between simplicity and just that little too much sparkle!

Going Full Black W/ This Dining Room Design Lamps


Phase 2 is complete! We’re keeping the style simple, as we know your a bit of a layman in this dining room layout matters! We’re still not into the full black look, as we fell this should be a gradual journey, for you to enjoy every moment!

To initiate you into something bolder, but not yet as audacious as we’re hoping your dining room design will look like! Behold one of DelightFULL’s best sellers, the one and only, Coltrane Suspension Ceiling Lamp! A suspended ceiling light, which is handmade in steel and features a steel cord and a magnetic disc at the top. 

I know you’re probably exhausted and you don’t have to worry, we’re almost getting to the end of this “How to have a super sophisticated dining room design with black lighting” tutorial!

Before we show you the masterpiece of this article, we decided to provide you with another solution that, even though is not full black, it certainly holds its fascination!

Cosmo Suspension Hanging Lamp is handmade in brass and steel, and the body is covered in a gold-plated finish, while the stainless steel shades are lacquered a glossy black and glossy white on the outside! 

Going Full Black W/ This Dining Room Design Lamps

We’ve finally arrived to the ultimate dining room design lighting idea that’ll make even the coldest hearts cry! We’re finally going full black and mirroring the Golden Globes sophistication show, are you ready to leave your friends dazzled?

Neil Vintage Suspension Lamp is the perfect mid century lighting to elevate your dining room interior design style! This mesmerizing lamp was an iron handmade structure and 8 arms with rotating spheres, and the best part? You can have it in total full black!

We promise we’ll start being obsessed by a different color when they come up with a darker color than black! Until them, we’d just have to continue worshiping this color and featuring it in every single one of our sophisticated dining room design environments!


You can visit our Pinterest boards in order to get more inspirations for your dining room lighting. Get more ideas for your projects and find functional, stylish and sizable lighting and furniture choices. Make sure to download our Interior Design Tips for a Well-Lit Home eBook!

Going Full Black W/ This Dining Room Design Lamps




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