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The Perfect Formula for a Dreamy Dining Room Decor

Let’s find out how you can create a dazzling dining room decor just like this Louisiana dream house.

Today we’re going to show you an inspiring example of a dining room design that is stunningly decorated. We decided to present you all the steps in order for you to create one just like this one. It’s very simple and the result is beyond amazing! So, keep scrolling and learn how to make transform your dining room decor with a rustic touch.

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The Perfect Formula for a Dreamy Dining Room Decor 1

In order to recreate this look, add-in some of these layers:

#1: Lighting

The dining room lighting design can make or break a room. It can create the ambiance you’d like and you can decide the amount of light you need in order to be able to see your food. A single hanging pendant right over your dining room table can achieve just the right light level. In this Louisiana house, the dining room pendant light was a dazzling choice.

#2: Simple Centerpiece

The Perfect Formula for a Dreamy Dining Room Decor 4

The dining room centerpieces have the main purpose of making your dining room table look like it’s ready for a dinner. Also, they make sure your table’s not completely empty. Here a small plant can make this room look complete.

#3: Life

The Perfect Formula for a Dreamy Dining Room Decor 3

Plants are key for any room, and in this dining room is no different. You should consider using a hanging plant or two from the ceiling to visually balance the space.

#4 Rug

A rug can visually define your dining room area. Make sure you choose a size large enough to accommodate your dining room furniture. 


The Perfect Formula for a Dreamy Dining Room Decor 6

Spielberg is an ombre rug that features a luxurious light to dark shade, creating a blue gradient effect to revive your dining room. Made out of 100% Tencel and completely hand-tufted, this modern rug has a versatile and visual appeal, due to its soft and subtle coat of paint. Get the price!

#5: Furniture

The Perfect Formula for a Dreamy Dining Room Decor 5

The dining room furniture of this room is beautiful, starting with the three vintage emerald-green chairs and the two blush-pink upholstered slipper chairs. The eclectic mix offers a dynamic and versatile atmosphere that makes anyone fall in love.

Photos © Apartment Therapy

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