Answered: The Best Golden Lamps for Your New Year Lighting Decorations

You can stop searching for the perfect golden lamp for your dining room lighting. These 5 mid-century lamps will elevate your New Year’s Eve party!

Lighting can influence the way we perceive an entire room, so if you want your dining room lighting to make a statement like the ones you see in the top interior design magazines, you might want to focus your attention in a mid-century lighting brandDelightFULL – that has all the answers you need when it comes to lighting design. This year, your New Year lighting decorations will be at its very best with these 5 golden lamps that will add the sparkle your dining room needs at this magical night of the year. Curious? Let’s keep scrolling!

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Inspired by the millions of vinyl records sold by the famous American guitarist, DelightFULL has created this elegant gold plated luminaire. Proof that high-quality craftsmanship and ancient know-how can create stunning lighting fixtures, Hendrix pendant lamp has come to revolutionize the mid-century lighting design world.

Meet Galliano, a special modern wall lamp with a minimalist style that allows you to fit it in every room of your home, regardless the style of your interior design. It’s not a coincidence that this golden wall lamp is one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers.

Cannonball light pendant is the perfect explosion of luxury. Inspired by the boldness of a cannonball, this pendant lamp came to reinvent what mid-century modern design is. It is a modern brass pendant lamp which will give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your mid-century modern living room. A perfect choice for your New Year’s Eve decorations 2017.


Stardust floor lamp is a mid-century modern revolving lamp that was inspired by the stellar orbits. Constructed out of brass tubing into a rounded oblong shape, this modern floor lamp will shine brightly due to the light cast by the bulbs arranged in the same way as a candelabra. Ideal for a mid-century modern dining room and a vintage living room, this gold-plated floor lamp will bring an astral beauty to your luxury decor.

Sophisticated like a Mercedes-Benz, Janis is a mid-century modern table lamp inspired by one of the greatest female rock stars of the 20th century. Almost 28 inches-high, this sleek tall table lamp is a contemporary reinterpretation of the best mid-century lighting design classics. An unforgettable brass lighting design that sits well in a classic living room, or a modern entryway. This golden desk lamp could also make a statement in your new home office.

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