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Draga Aurel Delightfull

20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We’re Crazy About!

Creative pendant lamps are considered to be one of the most promising choices when we are on light hunting for your next dining room project. Being beautiful and functional this unique lighting fixture can really adjust to any type of project due to its simple lines making it the most versatile piece in the luxury lighting world. Discover here our top 20 pendants lamsp and (who knows) maybe you’re about to find out the lamp of your dreams!

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20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!


Inspired by the american trumpet player Chris Botti as a tribute to jazz music, Botti pendant lamp is a slightly smaller version of the modern chandelier with 15 trumpet-shaped shapes that stretch out from the center, creating a perfect sphere. It is handmade in brass, covered in a gold-plated finish. The round base at the center of the suspended light is handmade in aluminum and lacquered a glossy black, but it can also be lacquered a glossy white to meet the needs of the most exquisite sets. With a retro vibe, this art deco suspension lamp is best suited for a vintage living room, or mid-century modern bedroom.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@DelightFULL

Atomic light pendant by DelightFULL is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. Building this unique lighting design using materials such as brass, steel and aluminum, DelightFULL’s skilled artisans arranged it in an abstract composition, very similar to the non-conventional molecular forms. Both a glossy black and a gold-plated finish were used for the body, while glossy black and gold powder paint were the chosen finish of the shades. This stylish suspended ceiling light is the right fit for a contemporary living room, or even for a more modern master bedroom.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@DelightFULL

Duke is a modern pendant lighting design that boasts a heavy nostalgic 70s groove vibe. Inspired by the simplicity of the 1970s, DelightFULL’s designers were able to create an iconic modern ceiling light that suits the most demanding setting. Produced in Portugal, it is handmade in brass and aluminum. The body, made of brass, has both a matte black and a gold-plated finish, while the shades are lacquered a glossy black on the outside. The inside is matte white, but it can also have a gold powder paint finish. It is a stunning bedroom ceiling light, but this large ceiling light can also be considered for other settings, such as a mid-century modern living room.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@DelightFULL

Etta pendant lamp boasts a nostalgic and feminine retro glow, courtesy of the jazz singer Etta jones, which was the inspiration for this curvy lighting fixture. Etta is a luxurious pendant light with 20 different brass leaves, which are all shaped and assembled by hand by DelightFULL’s skilled artisans. Etta’s standard copper plated finish helps to provide a soft and warm light, that is cast through its layers, giving a romantic ambiance to any setting. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this mid-century suspended light can be customized according to your needs and requests. It is the ideal copper pendant lamp for a sophisticated kitchen design, but it can also be used as a suspended bedside lamp.



20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@DelightFULL

Galliano pendant lamp features a modern, sleek design that will complement the decor in any setting. This beautiful uniquely design industrial pendant lighting is simply one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers. Up to 5 tubes and with a structure tailor-made in steel, Galliano produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect. The body is covered by gold-plated interior finish, while on the outside they were painted a matte black, which provides a unique pendant lamp. Clean lines and mid-century modern vibe combined with versatility make Galliano a useful delight. All in all, this pendant ceiling light is ideal for a variety of residential and commercial application including industrial kitchens, living rooms, bars and restaurants.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@DelightFULL

Hanna is a vintage pendant lamp that features a glossy black shade outlined by a copper finish, giving it a lovely contrast. Elegantly made in brass by artisans who applied delicately an ancient technique called hand metal spinning, if you style this suspension lamp alongside a mid-century decor it will provide your room a striking, elegant look. Hanna pendant lighting brings together a visually appealing aluminum bell lamp shade and a customizable versatility by way of finishes. This one light pendant provides abundant light, while adding style. The sleek lines with hints of contemporary flare depict sophistication and grace, making this copper pendant lamp great as a bathroom pendant lighting or as bed reading light.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@DelightFULL

With a Scandinavian design, Ike pendant lamp adds a modern yet industrial feel to any space. This hanging ceiling pendant can be done in different shapes and dimensions, allowing you to personalized lighting ambiance and mood. Handmade in brass and aluminum, the glossy black finish and the copper accent deliver the perfect look. Ideal for industrial kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants and bars, this copper pendant light it also looks great as a bathroom suspension lighting with a mid-century modern decor. Therefore, Ike fits practically in every style, due to its sleek shape and minimalist design.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!


Matheny hanging lamp is the ultimate lighting design in Heritage collection. DelightFULL’s designers have decided to create a mid-century modern suspension lamp with a minimalist design that makes a big statement. The gold plated finish makes Matheny pendant light an instant classic that will look beautiful in every division of your interior design. The fine brass structure of this suspended light becomes translucent when lit, adding a chic and contemporary touch to a kitchen island or dining area. In a hallway or over a bar, this golden pendant light can be hung in multiples for a stylish effect.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@Heathfield&Co

Having been inspired by marvelous pearls featured throughout iconic fashion, beauty, and cinematography. Timeless and harmful, this suspension lamp is strikingly contemporary, beautifully worked, and expertly suspended by curved satin brass metalwork.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@Heathfield&Co

The Lunar pendant is one of the most beautiful suspension lamps around, based on the nature-influencer giant that is the moon. Each glass sphere is expertly handcrafted, carries its own unique patterning, and sits beautifully with rich Antique Brass metalwork, proving that it could completely be the right choice for you.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@Heathfield&Co

Hilton is a classic and contemporary suspension lamp modeled on classic glass. This piece is the perfect fit if you’re looking to give a modern touch to your design.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@KateSpade

Stars never looked so bright, and now you can own one right above your dining table! This excellent light will not only bring elegance to your home but also fill it with a timeless and sophisticated style. This suspension lamp might just be what your home is missing!


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@VillaLumi

The pendulum is inspired by Christian Huyges’s creation, the pendulum clock. Modern shapes, smooth light, and impeccable finishes, this is one of the lights that are capable of transforming your space into a fantastically sophisticated room.

coveted last edition


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@BocadoLobo

The mystic of late XIX century boulevards is brought home by the masterpiece Lumière suspension lamp. A ground-breaking collectible design for present-day luxe and timeless statement. This piece exemplifies the contemporary dualities of art and functionality. Hanged by two chains, a striking broken pole lies as an antique fixture with four intricate edge detailing arms topped by elegant pane lanterns hand-sculpted by casting molds.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@BocadoLobo

Drawing inspiration from the industrial visual appeal, Triptico is a versatile suspension lamp that balances the finest craftsmanship with innovative design. Composed by a set of three black pendant lights hanged by a round structure, this eclectic suspension lamps adds a unique and bold character to any room!


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@KellyWearstler

Cleo Pendant is a reflection of what Kelly Wearstler does best, mix metals and geometry in order to create magic. This suspension lamp will look stunning in every place you decide to put it because of its simplicity.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@Luxxu

The explosion has high prestige and a revivalist attitude, this suspension salutes the Sputnik. Full of luxurious details, which are reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms that orbit around a center sphere.


20 Pendant Lamps For Your Home That We're Crazy About!@HudsonValleyLighting

Beautiful, elegant, and fiercely appealing, this is one of the most unique suspension lamps in the market right now. Filling the room with both style and fantastic light, this might truly be the perfect lamp for you.




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