Dining Room Wall Lighting: What You Can Have?

What are you looking for when you are decorating your Dining Room?

In here we want to help you find the perfect Wall Lighting for your Dining Room! We will show a 6 pieces you will find very interesting and know what? You will be able to see them at Maison et Objet 2018.

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We are now about to show you the perfect Wall Lighting for your Dining Room, so we have saved 6 DelightFULL pieces that you must know.



Matheny Wall Lamp

Matheny Wall Lamp will be present at Maison et Objet 2018 as one of the Wall Category. As you can see in the image it can make a room with his soft lines and his strong personality. This unique lamp combines a mid-century modern design with a classic style,  providing a subtle glow. This modern wall light is 100% handmade in brass and has a brushed nickel finish. Important to refer that all the piece we are going to talk are all handmade by the most skilled artisans in Portugal.

Hanna Wall Lamp

Hanna Wall Lamp is so subtle don’t you think? Although it’s a little wall lamp, it has presence and his beauty it’s imposible not to be noticed. With a structure made in brass, this wall sconce is gently covered by a gold plated bath, while its aluminum lamp shade is outlined by a gold plated and matte white finish.

Miles Wall Lamp

Miles Wall Lamp is such a good option for your room, as a reading light don’t you agreed? The perfect combination of mid-century design and modern style, Miles black wall sconce features a structure made in brass and the lamp shade in aluminum. It was inspired by one of the most influencial and iconic jazz music of the 20th century, Miles Davis.

Charles Wall Lamp

Well Hello Charles! We present you Charles Wall Lamp, with an amazing lampshade as you can see in the image. Incredible for your Dining Room or even your bedroom. This one is always a good option, we can assure you that. Handmade of brass, with a nickel plated finish, while it’s the shades have minimalist perforation details and also feature a nickel plated and a matte white finish.

Coltrane Wall Lamp

We have now reached one of DelightFULL’s best seller, Coltrane Wall Lamp, the one who is the most accurate to the quote, the simpler the better. It has a simples design, mas it’s beauty and it’s design is breathtaking. This wall light fixture has matte black and gold powder paint finishes, which give it a more contemporary style.


Piazzola Wall Lamp

Piazzola Wall Lamp is the last one we are going to talk about, however is as important as the other piece we’ve talked about. With a dynamic and versatile look that can be applied to any room of your home, Piazzolla wall lamp can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Its structure is made in brass with a nickel plated finish, while one of the lamp shades has a brushed nickel finish and the other has a matte black finish.

Are you convinced? Run into Maison et Objet 2018 and get all of these incredible piece who will transform your home!

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