Ina Garten’s New Cookbook & Dining Room Tips!

Ina Garten Is Going To Publish a New Book. You Know What That Means Right?

So, for the sounds of it by October, the Barefoot Contessa is going to have a brand new cookbook called *drums please* Cook Like A Pro! Named after her current Food Network series this will be the 11th book instore for the Ina Garten. So, ready for the delicious recipes and dining room tips to cook like a pro?

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But this isn’t all! We’re going to make a home tour through one of the most famous chefs in the world and find out how you can achieve the looks, the food and the book! For starters: Cook Like A Pro comes out October 23, and is available for pre-order now. In the meantime, we’ll be flipping through Garten’s last cookbook, Cooking for Jeffreyand stalking her blog for more updates.




What about the dining room decor you ask? Well, Garten does a lot of dinner and cocktail parties so a long wooden table just off the kitchen in front of two classic French doors seems to be fitting. “I like dinner parties more than I like cocktail parties,” she says. “Six people around the kitchen table is ideal. Everybody serves their own wine, and I ask somebody to help me clear the dishes. It’s just like a family meal.”

According to the famous cook, “I love to combine white china and old hotel silver on the kitchen shelves. It’s not just lovely to look at, but I use it all!” the cook wrote on a photo of her open white shelving in the kitchen.

“I love the warmth of neutral colours and natural materials,” Ina Garten claims. “The light streaming in on this glorious day and the peek at the garden outside make it come alive.” simple, casual dining settings, seem to be the chosen ones, and they are one of the many choices you can add up to your dining room!

As Ina herself explains, the easiest way to create an amazing dining room centrepiece is by simply finding a flower you love, get a bunch of them, and put them in water glasses. Easy peasy don’t you think? She describes this type of centrepiece as “simple and elegant,” and I think that anyone who looks at the table would agree.

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