What’s Hot On Pinterest: Modern Farmhouse Lighting Is The Trick

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Just bought a country home and are in between renovations? We have the answers to your lighting problems! If your home has that rustic feeling or you want to bring that modern farmhouse look to it, look no further! Today we bring the hottest picks on Pinterest to adorn your home with that modern farmhouse lighting with it!

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Think metal shades with wire guards, replicas of the 1930’s barn lights and oversized metal shades. Usually simple but different, modern farmhouse lights have that charming touch to any home. Commonly black our white metal or glass, they fit perfectly into your home revamp.

Clean, simple and organic the modern farmhouse style allows you to decorate your home with a variety of accessories and furnishings.  A timeless character and plenty of styles, this type of lighting bring with it the simpler times offering your dining room that simple charm it was needing.

Establishing a brighter and comfortable space, the farmhouse look is effortlessly fashionable and affordable. Adaptable, it suits the modern sensibilities of the customers and brings that timeless touch of the vintage charm.

Regardless of the style of the house, you can use this type of lighting in any room because it can be effortlessly transported into a farmhouse style special when you want to give an exclusive dinner party!

“Functionality over practicality seems to be the trick. Think about classic designs, lighting seems to offer the room for tradition with a modern touch as well.  “Fueled by nostalgia for classic Americana and the styles developed during the 1800s through the mid-20th century, the modern farmhouse décor offers a basic, unpretentious style, and places an emphasis on the comfort of a home’s inhabitants. ”



Diana pendant lamp is an industrial-inspired design that embodies all the simplicity and sophistication of the mid-century modern age. It is handmade in brass and aluminium. The body, built out of brass has a standard black nickel plated finish, while the shade features a standard matte red lacquer on the outside. However, it can be customized using any RAL color of your choosing. It has a small switch on the back of the shade, creating a convenient way of switching the light on and off. This industrial pendant lighting design has also a red textile wire, which can be customized as you wish!

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