What’s Hot On Pinterest: Wes Anderson’s Inspired Dining Room!

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Todays hot on Pinterest is all about the cinema world. Wes Anderson is adored throughout the world by its amazing movie aesthetic and this week most looked on Pinterest were… Wes Anderson’s Inspired Dining Room! So, hold tight, you’re going on sweet, fairy tale like a ride in the dining room world.

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Once you’ve set down to watch any of the movies by Wes Anderson,you’re set on having a sight for sore eyes when it comes to decor. A mix of style, soothing patterns and soft hues this all combined just makes a romantic Wes Anderson dining room.

We all know that Wes Anderson’s theme calls for soothing tones matching with dark tones. In this case, a dark dining table makes a welcoming contrast with a pastel wall dining room.

Boho chic is also something we catch a glimpse of in any Wes Anderson’s movies and is always a must when controlled with other home decor themes. In this case, with a flower wallpaper and some boho-chic chairs, this dining room is complete.

Geometric patterns in any space can make a room feel bigger – or smaller. In the photo above, we can actually see how this is a great opportunity to gather all the beautiful elements of Anderson’s world and more.

Lighting, as simple as it can be, makes a room feel cosier, embracing the room like no other. So, gather all your ideas, paint your walls in an extravagant manner and you’ll have a dining room worthy of an icon.


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