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Dining Room Rules: Industrial Dining Room Designs!

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This time around in dining room rules we’re talking about… industrial dining room designs. A timeless dining room decor, this style is so intriguing as simple to incorporate in any dining room setting. A way to redecorate your dining room on a budget, follow these tips and you’ll have the way for a unique dining room.

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Dining Room Rules_ Industrial Dining Room Designs! 1

An industrial dining room needs some care. To replicate the original industrial style dining room, you need to get back to basics and that means, bringing that old, brick style and raw finishes into it. When it comes to getting the right lighting design to fit this inspiring style, we chose Diana by DelightFULL.


Dining Room Rules_ Industrial Dining Room Designs! 2

When it comes to furniture, the industrial style is very natural – go for raw wood, leather and dark steel, and when it comes to colors don’t go overboard with the brown tones! Go for rustic browns to dusty greens and blues, shades of grey or murky reds alongside your typical black.

Dining Room Rules_ Industrial Dining Room Designs! 3

Taking center stage of your dining room, your dining furniture should blend with the rest of your industrial dining room, but stand out in its own way.  – “If your room is already looking quite dark, favor the more modern industrial look tables with the matt chrome finish metal accents, or slightly lighter wood.”

Dining Room Rules_ Industrial Dining Room Designs! 4

While accessorize can make a dining room you must be careful about where you want it to redirect. From wall clocks to industrial floor lamps, anything can make a dining room pop like no other. When it comes to artworks – “The larger the better if you want to use this as a focal point; likewise large artworks or even painted directly onto the wall, help to add to the industrial feel.”

Dining Room Rules_ Industrial Dining Room Designs! 5

If you have the time and space to make your dining room decor shine add a punch of suitable cabinets and sideboards, but be careful not to crowd the space too much. A great sideboard or display cabinet is perfect for displaying those collection pieces.

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You can visit our Pinterest boards in order to get more inspirations for your dining room lighting. Get more ideas for your projects and find functional, stylish and sizable lighting and furniture choices. Make sure to download our Interior Design Tips for a Well-Lit Home eBook.

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