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5 Milan Design Week Places To Have a Peek At

The Must Visit Places At Milan Design Week

As Milan Design Week rolls around, you must visit this places or else you won’t be complete. Stunning installations and places to see once in a lifetime, the way to inspire you is by making a sightseeing event through this places. Have a drink, rest, or just sleep, but go!

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Make A D(w)ish at 28 Posti

5 Milan Design Week Places To Have a Peek At 1

During one of the best weeks of the year, at Navigli-side restaurant 28 Posti, Chef Marco Ambrosini and the industrial designer Odo Fioravanti ask: what makes a dish a dish? With that, a six-course tasting menu was conceived meeting food and design at once. The menu includes patisserie-style macarons flavoured with… anchovy! Duchamp inspired ‘ready-made’ Pasta al Pomodoro, and a course titled ‘empty dish’.

17-22 April; Via Corsico 1; www.28posti.org

Chez Nina by India Mahdavi at Nilufar

5 Milan Design Week Places To Have a Peek At 2

Inside a coveted gallery, India Mahdavi masterminded a refined club environment. The name comes from Nina Yashar and the club is covered in Mahdavi-drawn geometric patterns on a sweeping silk mural.  The perfect place for after dark tipples and a good time.

17-22 April; Via Della Spiga 32; www.nilufar.com

Daniel’s Café at Swarovski Palazzo

5 Milan Design Week Places To Have a Peek At 3

Serving Viennese patisserie to go alongside its glittering new collections,  The Wattens based eatery will be one of the stars of the show. With crystal giants glistening, they bring a hint of glamour to this amazing place. What you can find: a twist on Daniel Swarovski’s favourite, cake with almonds, chocolate and blackberry jam, flavoured macarons and praline chocolates.

17- 22 April; The Courtyard at Palazzo Serbelloni, Corso Venezia 16; www.atelierswarovski.com

The Diner by David Rockwell

5 Milan Design Week Places To Have a Peek At 4

Recreating four different environments, the culinary pop-up is the one you need to stop by while in Milan Design Week 2018! Taking its guests on an All American Road Trip that you’ll never forget, the ambiences can go from an Airstream inspired coffee and pie bar to a Weast Coast lounge via an East Coast style classic diner.

17-22 April; Via Ferrante Aporti 15; www.rockwellgroup.com

Bar Anne by Space Encounters

5 Milan Design Week Places To Have a Peek At 5

Bar Anne is a space ‘by designers, for designers’. Amsterdam’s Space Encounters is presenting an interactive work from the likes of Mae Engelgeer and Sabine Marcelis. This is a place to be at home: guests will be free to try and test each design as desired. “Sit on them, jump on them and even sleep on them.” As the week draws to a close, the latter might be necessary nor an option.

17-21 April, Corso di Porta Ticinese, 95,; www.klaaskuiken.nl

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