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Are You Making These Dining Room Lighting Mistakes?

Meet the 5 mistakes you should avoid in your dining room lighting.

Today we have list 5 common dining room lighting mistakes to avoid, and how to do it right. We believe that knowing what not to do can help make you look like a pro. We will also give you all the lighting solutions and design trick for each mistake. Keep scrolling!

 You don’t position lamps at a helpful height.

Are You Making These Dining Room Lighting Mistakes (2)

Interior designer Noelle Miceck says: “The bottom of a chandelier should be 66 inches from the floor in a dining room, and when you’re sitting next to a table lamp, the bottom of the shade should be at shoulder height. If the lamp is too tall, you’ll be blinded by the bulb!”

You pick the wrong size fixture.

Are You Making These Dining Room Lighting Mistakes (3)

Important design tricks: In dining rooms, you should choose a chandelier that’s one foot smaller than the table’s narrowest width.

You dismiss dimmer switches.

Are You Making These Dining Room Lighting Mistakes (1)

“Dimmers are the best-kept secret of lighting design,” says interior designer Jeff Fiorito. “They allow you to control your lighting from day to night, for various events, and depending on your mood.”

If you want to have a romantic dinner, it isn’t going to be so romantic if your dining room is lit up like a stadium right? That’s why dimmer switches are so crucial in your dining room decor.

Wall paint colors don’t match the fixture.

Are You Making These Dining Room Lighting Mistakes (4)

This might seem obvious, but the truth is that this is a common mistake. Slightly different hues in the dining room lighting fixture and the color of paint can do different things. Lighter colors work better with brighter fixtures.

Not using energy efficient bulbs. 

Are You Making These Dining Room Lighting Mistakes (5)

LED light bulbs, but these bulbs actually provide you with a better range of light. LEDs work off a larger temperature scale, which allows you to get a better warm and cool colors.

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