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How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining

You may have heard that the Danes are among the happiest people on earth.

The Hygge way of Dining is here to stay. Pronounced Hyoo-guh, this is more than a feeling and a way of styling your home, its a way of living, an atmosphere, all rolled into one. “Hygge is basically a heartwarming way to live a life filled with love, happiness, well-being, simplicity, laughter. It’s like a cosiness for the soul.” Let’s get ride off all life’s problems and incorporate the art of living well simply by combining some key dining room accessories, shall we?

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How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 1

Life is centred around food when we talk hygge style. Sharing good food around the dining table while enjoying the company of your closed ones is a keyword. Haven’t you heard that food prepared with love is always better? Maybe that’s the secret. Leisurely planning a meal and then sitting down to enjoy it is always better. Maybe that’s why the Danes are so happy don’t you think?

How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 4

Taking things slow is an art nowadays don’t you think? But this is a keyword when you want to achieve the hygge way of dining. Don’t rush, don’t scoff and most of all – don’t consume technology around the dining table! Just enjoy the conversation, the laughter, the soothing sounds of the familiar voices of your loved ones.

How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 5

Hygge in many ways means togetherness, closeness. Sharing is caring, so that’s what the Danes do. The hygge style comes in many ways and starts the minute you enter the kitchen. Whether it be during the conversation, preparing meals or cleaning up afterwards, the hygge style of living is all about having a connection. So, what does a Hygge dining set need? Visual impact without appearing too formal or fancy.

How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 8

“There’s no need for a perfectly laid table. Serving plates can be stacked while platters and cutlery can be casually laid out.” claims, houseofhome. An organic and natural feel to your dining room can be achieved by serving dry food in woven baskets.

How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 7

What about Hygge dining etiquette? The ambience is important, so make it warm and inviting. Cosy, safe and welcoming are the words that should play in your head. How you can achieve this: create a sense of comfort by throwing a light throw blanket in each dining chair. “If you have a dining bench, a reindeer or sheepskin hide can be draped across the top of it to add softness and cuddle factor.”, , claims houseofhome.

How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 2

Centrepieces are important. Make sure your dining room centrepiece is easy and pretty and you’ll have it all set. The best part: it doesn’t cost a lot of money! Just get a handmade vase or a jug that can be filled with a bunch of wildflowers. Pair it with a couple of unscented candles and some little twinkle lights for the perfect finish.

How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 3

Natural linen and woven placemats are the keywords for dining room tablecloth.*Warning* Avoid bright colours and heavy patterns. Opt for a neutral palette of colours such as sage, blush or chalky blue. The goal? To create a setting that lets food take centre stage.




How To Achieve The Hygge Way of Dining 9

What about tableware and serving ware? Go for rustic style! Warm and neutral, earthy tones, dusty pastels and monochromatic tableware are the go-to. Wooden cutting board, plates and bowls can also work while brass and copper cutlery are the perfect finish to garnish your table.

DINING W/ STYLE: Ready To Be Served: A Particular Italian Dining Guide

You can visit our Pinterest boards in order to get more inspirations for your dining room lighting. Get more ideas for your projects and find functional, stylish and sizable lighting and furniture choices. Make sure to download our Interior Design Tips for a Well-Lit Home eBook!

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