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Watch Out For The Best Dining Room Trends That Will Influence The Next Decade

Get ready to meet the top dining room trends that will influence the world of design over the next decade. 2020 hasn’t been a normal year, so these interior design tips are a way to adapt to the new reality that we are living in… Are you ready to be inspired?



Lately, the dining room area has gained an extra meaning because it is the place where you can give so many memorable moments, whether it is a quiet family dinner or a fun dining party with your friends. They are the hidden gems of the home, and in our opinion, they’ll finally be getting the recognition they deserve in 2020 with the best dining room trends.


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Many interior design experts predict that these spaces will become more versatile, and serve roles not just reserved for meals but for spending time unplugged and together with others as well.  This year dining room trends have shown that in the following new decade the interior design lovers will give extra attention to their dining sets, so you better watch out for these exclusive tips.



#1 Forget The Formal Ambiance

Watch Out For The Best Dining Room Trends That Will Influence The Next Decade



The concept of the formal dining room design is being slowly replaced by the irreverent and creative ideas that are highlighted in this year’s dining room trends. The interior design enthusiasts are focused more on creating an intimate area for their family to come together in, rather than a large space that will be using a few times. The secret is to keep things simple so the focus can really be on the furniture and the unique light fixtures, as you can see in this dining room set starring the beautiful Duke round piece.



#2 Freshen Up With Some Plants


Since the world’s design lovers have learned to recreate the outdoor environment inside their home, the fresh natural touch of beautiful plants must definitely be in the top dining room trends of the year. Natural elements will be one of the mandatory elements in the overall look and remember they can be the perfect way to add a pop of color into the interior design.


#3 Create Personalized Curation

Watch Out For The Best Dining Room Trends That Will Influence The Next Decade


According to the dining room trends, this year’s dining room sets will be more gathered and collected rather than a set look bought in a catalogue. Try to combine different styles, like this dining set composed by mid-century modern Coltrane lamps and some high-luxury furniture, to create your own personalized project that is (without questions asked) one a kind.


#4 Surprise With  A Graphic and Bold Design

Watch Out For The Best Dining Room Trends That Will Influence The Next Decade


This dining room trend is all about thinking outside of the box.  The dining room is a space that needs to offer both function and luxury, so make sure you come up with some out-of-the-ordinary design choices that will be highlighted by the use of non-traditional lighting designs, such as the Graphic Collection by DelightFULL.


#5 Choose A WOW Factor For Entertaining

Watch Out For The Best Dining Room Trends That Will Influence The Next Decade


Due to the world’s current situation, people are taking the time to invest in their homes more than ever, so the big fun entertaining event is one thing you should consider when thinking about the best dining room trends in 2020. Whether it is a top interior design expert or a simple enthusiast the dining is will gain extra attention because everyone loves to impress their beloved guest. Make sure you introduce a unique statement piece, like the Hanna chandelier in the picture, to wow your friends and family and get the conversation started!


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