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6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests!

Top Dining Room Ideas To Provoke Envy!

According to the experts, a dining room has a lot to tell. So, of course, we wanted to get to the bottom of the issue so we gathered all the conclusions and the experts to make these dining room ideas the best you’ve ever had.

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6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests! 2

Throughout the times, dining rooms have changed concepts and if in the old times, gathering the large family at the dining table was a must, nowadays modern concepts gave place to various options in your dining room set. This relaxed and uncomplicated dining room exudes a simple time gathered with friends and family. With earthy tones configuring a close to home look, Francesca Stone, Interior Designer claims that – “The smaller details bring the modern concepts together with plenty of black accents to draw your eye, without becoming dim and uncomfortable.”

6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests! 3

When looking for coziness, you must go for the Scandinavian style. Simple, comforting and with minimal fuss the original Scandinavian dining room offers you plenty of choices when it comes to furnishing your brand new dining room. According to Zoe Durrant, Interior Designer –  “The comforting, tactile, simplicity of this soft light filled dining space just draws me in.  Conversely, an evening meal with family/friends in a chilled relaxed state of mind, the gentle, calming color scheme, and twinkling string lights open the way for deep meaningful conversation, or a hearty meal and a good laugh.”

6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests! 4

Minimal, clinical lines aligned with some of the best decor tips in the design world works better than anything you’ve been trying for. Go for the dark color palette with a deep blue that reminds you that the ocean is vast and filled with secrets. The perfect touch to create a mysterious aura. According to Vickie Kirk, Studio K Design – “This calm and simple scheme is created using crisp whites and cool blue tones, for a refreshing contemporary take on monochrome. The dark wood grounds the scheme and brings warmth that is further balanced by the taupe dining chairs, altogether making for a welcoming dining setting. “

6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests! 5 6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests! 6

Now,if you’ve been trying for a classic dining room, this might be the choices you need to make. A dark tones, although soothing might be the chosen ones to get on the right track for this type of dining room. According to Bella Whiteley, Interior Designer –  “Oversize and upscale: this is my interior design mantra when planning a dining area or dining room scheme (if, of course, you have the space and a generous ceiling height). I like the symmetry of chair placement around dining tables, it’s very visually pleasing. It’s like setting ‘the stage’ literally for dinner or an event, making everything look stylish. “

6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests! 6 6 Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests! 6

Soothing hues and incorporating natural elements are what your dining room needs this year. Why not have it all in one by having a small vase with pretty flowers on it? According to Karen Bradley, Interior Designer – “The top trend in interior design this year is all about incorporating natural elements into your space, and plants are on the top of the list. Plants along with the color green have a balancing and grounding effect on us on an emotional and physical level. They also cleanse the air and remove toxins from our home. This is a beautiful example of how to create a space that brings this outside in.”

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