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Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Mexico City is and has always been, the sun in the Mexican solar system. Though much-maligned in the past, these days the city is cleaning up its act. A sprawling metropolis, Mexico City invites comparisons to other cities for its scale and its importance as a continental hub. Today, Dining Room Lighting Blog will explore the best design projects developed in the well-known Mexico City!

Long a centre of anthropological history and Latin American art, a new wave of local business owners have leveraged the Mexican entrepreneurial spirit to build an irresistible culinary scene and innovative public architecture that keep this, the oldest city in the Americas, at the forefront of cultural relevance.


Espacio y Diseño

Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Espacio y Diseño as twenty-years of interior design service, covering remodelling, construction for residential and office spaces. This traditional dining room area is part of an imponent design project called Sao Geronimo.

Eclectic Mexico

Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Eclectic Design Mexico has a passion for interior design that mixes classic, Asian inspired, contemporary and modern elements while achieving a balance between functionality and aesthetics. This farmhouse style kitchen with an eclectic touch blends the best of times: the tradicional features of the past with the functionality of the present.


Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!Ike Pendant Lamp | DelightFULL


Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Kiché is a Mexican design studio that seeks the integration between the design of interior spaces and the design of objects and decoration accessories. When it comes to picking a neutral hue, you don’t have to stick to just whites and off-whites. In fact, light gray could be considered the perfect neutral. It provides just enough color to add depth to any room in your house while keeping your space feeling light and airy. It’s the ideal color for anyone seeking a sophisticated and chic color that is versatile enough for any decor style.

Montserrat Pueblita

Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Montserrat Pueblita is a group of architects and interior designers that believe in the power of design as the most important force in the universe. Located in the Polanco neighborhood, the Park Hyatt design project adds a new offer of accommodation, residential and office space to the existing Hyatt Regency Hotel in this important area of ​​constant economic and tourist growth.

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Tao Design

Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Tao Design is a fresh company of interior designers, a creative lighting systems team and very hard workers who can build up new ways of creating harmony with personal spaces. This is one of the amazing residential design projects of Tao Design, located in the well-known area of Mexico City, Merida.


Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Esrawe Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Mexico City. the studio’s aim is to develop furniture, interior design and architectural solutions for hospitality, cultural and residential projects. Tori Tori Santa Fe is the fifth venture in Mexico City’s renowned Japanese restaurant chain, located on the ground floor of a corporate building in the Santa Fe neighborhood.

Mariangle Coghlan

Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Mariangle Coghlan is a Mexican design firm specialised in reinventing spaces and creating unique experiences. This residence is characterized by being an example of elegance and life at the same time. From the hall one can feel how the decoration welcomes us and this feeling is achieved throughout the entire tour of each space, carefully designed. The friendliness of the kitchen and the sophistication of the library are examples of the mastery with which the project was transformed.

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Home Reface

Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Home Reface is an interior design firm, created in 2012, it was founded and led by Natalia Jiménez Ortíz, an interior designer with more than 6 years of experience carrying out different residential and commercial projects.

Acut by Gloria Cortina

Explore The Best Design Projects in Mexico City!

Gloria Cortina is a designer, curator, and creative collaborator. Her work expresses ideas and emotions prompted by modernity and myth – ‘a search for the harmony and beauty that can be found in conscious and unconscious imaginings.’

As much as we love a colorful room—there’s one type of space that will never go out of style: all-white interiors. A colorless living room filled with textures and intriguing art, there’s something timeless and soothing about a bleached-out space.


Mexico City Interior Designers, Our Top 20 Choice


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