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How to: Choose a Dining Room Set For Your New Home

Transform Your New Home with the Best Ideas for a Dining Room Set!

Thursday is the day we give the best ideas for your Dining Room Set, the best colours, trends and so on! Let’s see ehat we’ve reserved for you!


How to_ Choose a Dining Room Set For Your New Home (2)

We always choose the best for you, for that reason this is luxurious Dining Room Set, with the ultimate materials like you can see on the marble table. Important to refer the lighting, big chandeliers with big lighting focus.



How to_ Choose a Dining Room Set For Your New Home (3)

This is the vintage one, a quick reminder of the past with a simple table made of wood just like the old times. How good it feels to remind the good old days, with your parents or even your grandparents. Another great dining room set for simpler tastes!

How to_ Choose a Dining Room Set For Your New Home (4)

You may also love the industrial style, for the ones who want an industrial dining room this is our tip for you, with wood table but iron chairs! Not the most comfortable we confess, but with cushion on the sit can make a difference!

How to_ Choose a Dining Room Set For Your New Home (6)

Amy Suspension Lamp was our Editor’s choice for your Dining Room Set, most of all because this one of the bestsellers at DelightFULL. He is jnspired by the great singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse; this unique chandelier tries to embody the soul of the British legend. With a body handmade in brass and five aluminum shades, this mid-century modern chandelier looks exactly as if it was made in the 50s. The shades are flexible so that you can create the right lighting effect for your room.

How to_ Choose a Dining Room Set For Your New Home (5)

Here we want to present yout the scandinavian style, more focus on wood and the plants details that will remind you of a garden. This is what it means to have the essential on your dining room and enjoy the most romantic dinner or just gather your friends and prepare them a good meal.

Suspension Category


How to_ Choose a Dining Room Set For Your New Home (7)

Last, but not least, we have to show a more cleaner style that can be the scandinavian style twin, it only has the essential for a good dining room! You can also see that is smaller than the most dining rooms we’ve presented you so far.


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